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The economic context is on our side! Across the world, and particularly across Europe, the statistics show positive levels of growth. However, this good news does not apply to all sectors of the economy and certain companies are still struggling to attract talents.


To fix this, here are 6 good practices to adopt as part of your recruitment process:


Be consistent!

The messages which you convey externally must be consistent with the way your company functions internally. Your employees can now be asked to share their experiences with candidates via social networks!


Promote your company!

The act of recruitment can be compared to the act of selling. Your aim: to sell the company to the candidate, along with its values, its qualities and its advantages.


Improve your reactivity!

Add flexibility and reactivity to your processes! If more than three weeks go by between your first contact with a candidate and the time you offer them the job, it means you need better tools to manage your processes. There is nothing like a digital solution for greater efficiency!


Be open-minded!

Being open-minded means putting faith in personalities who fit rather than professional skills! Don’t hesitate to put faith in the experience of older people who have proved their worth.


Think before acting!

Be clear about your requirements and expectations! Before the interview, specify what you expect from the person and define the skills the candidate must bring to the table. Don’t get it wrong, staff turnover costs money! A well-designed HRIS will help you to state your requirements more clearly.


Anticipate onboarding!

Good onboarding allows you to create cohesion between the different candidate interviews, thereby bringing greater credibility to your approach.


Choosing an HRIS will simplify your recruitment process and ensure a high rate of conversion and retention of your candidates.


Jean-Marc Satta

Président d'Aragon-eRH. Ex-Accenture HR, DRH en France, Europe, Afrique, Amérique(s).

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