ASPServeur was at the TopTIC 2014 show tuesday, October 14th

The TopTIC 2014 show took place on Tuesday at the Palais de la Bourse in Marseille.  ASP Server was there and got the price of digital performance. This club (computer club of Provence) brings together 280 CIOs in the PACA region.


ASP SERVER will attend the Top ICT exhibition to be held on October 14th in Marseilles. This event is dedicated to the business of information technology and communication.


Rayonnance, a recognized expert in the development of mobile business solutions, will exhibit at the 4th edition of the Mobility for Business event, the next 15th and 16th of October 2014 at the CNIT Paris La Defense.

Why Digital Dimension took over ASP Serveur

By buying ASP Serveur, the Econocom subsidiary dedicated to digital solutions simply snatched one of France’s leading Cloud Computing specialists from beneath the noses of its competitors. Explanations.

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Digital Dimension, a subsidiary of the Econocom group, announces the acquisition of ASP Serveur, a French cloud-computing operator for businesses.

Digital Dimension, a subsidiary of the Econocom Group, today announces the acquisition of ASP Serveur, a key player in provision of public and private cloud solutions for companies. A specialist in hosting services for over 15 years and owner of its own infrastructure, ASP Serveur boasts a latest-generation eco-efficient data centre. Fully secured and redundant using very high-density APC technology, this configuration offers a very high service availability level.
ASP Serveur has forged strategic partnerships with several market leaders including Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, APC (Schneider Electric) and VMware. The company was one of the first operators to provide a cloud offer allowing its customers to configure the exact platform they require and pay according to use (provisioning and billing solution) . Resources are provided in real time, regardless of the configuration selected: number of VMs (virtual machines), number of CPUs (central processing unit), RAM (random access memory) and storage resources, application solutions chosen and lastly the service level selected.
In 2013, ASP Serveur achieved revenue of more than €3.5 million, mainly with key accounts in the fields of e-commerce and utilities, as well as in the public sector. Following this acquisition, Digital Dimension holds 80% of the capital, with the remaining 20% retained by Sébastien Enderle, the founder of ASP Serveur, who was appointed Chairman and continues to fulfil his operational role within the organisation.
”With the acquisition of ASP Serveur, we are entering a new phase in our development strategy. We now have a cutting-edge hosting infrastructure on which we can rely to deploy all of our digital solutions in cloud mode”, explains Georges Croix, CEO of Digital Dimension.
Founded in early 2014 by Georges Croix and Econocom, Digital Dimension’s ambition is to become a key player in the design, implementation and operation of digital front-office solutions, accessible in cloud mode. Following the acquisition last May of Rayonnance, a specialist in mobile solutions for companies, Digital Dimension continues its external growth strategy and confirms its goal of €120m in annual revenue by 2016. To achieve this, the company’s investment budget is around €100m over three years.
This project is one of the major initiatives taken by the Econocom group as part of its Mutation 2017 strategic plan, whose goal is to turn Econocom into a European leader in digital services for companies.
The Econocom group will publish its confirmed results for the 1st half of 2014 on 29 August at market closing, and a meeting for press and financial analysts will be held on 2 September 2014 in Paris and Brussels.